When you're buying your first property you want a place that doesn't get you in too far over your head. There are thousands of homes available on the market in Mississauga and some of them will require a lot of maintenance and repairs over the years. A starter home, whether it's a condo or a single dwelling, is an affordable property that was built with the intention of it being the first home purchase of a person or family.

Starter homes were originally built after World War II when many couples were looking to buy their own properties in order to live out the "American Dream". You will find many homes throughout North America where people were moving to suburbs around the continents major cities. Now, you will find that there are many people who choose these properties still as their first home because of their simple designs and lower maintenance properties.

You will also find when looking at real estate properties that there is a new starter home available on the market - the modern condo. This is the perfect marriage between owning your own place and still having many of the comforts and securities of living in an apartment complex. You are the sole owner of your unit but all the common spaces are communally owned. This means that there is usually a committee or a condo board that takes care of regular maintenance and repairs within the building or condo community.

Starter homes are built to create that bridge between owning and renting but they are also there to create more affordable housing options in urban areas and the surrounding area. Many people look at houses for sale in the suburbs because they cannot afford to live right in the downtown core. Simpler homes downtown usually mean condos because they are built vertically and take up the least amount of real estate. This is how developers in Mississauga built houses and condos so they are able to keep the costs down for homebuyers.

When you're looking for a starter home you should think about how much time you're planning on staying in the space and how much work you're really willing to do on the property. These homes are not meant to be expanded or to grow with a family. If you're looking for the place that will become your "forever home" than you might want to look at a fixer-upper instead. This is more likely to provide you with the space and layout that you will want in years to come. But you need to be willing to put in the work to make it perfect for you.

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