When you're getting to know a new place you can learn a lot from quick facts and statistics of that city. When the first Europeans settled in the area will tell you how old and what type of architecture you will find there and the population will speak to the number of amenities, businesses, and services. Before you start looking through homes to see which layouts and bathroom furniture vanities you like best, you should read this short fact sheet all about Mississauga.

Mississauga was already the home of the Iroquoian and Algonquain tribes when French traders settled here in 1600s. The Algonquains were called the Mississaugas and eventually drove out their opposing First Nations group. The original villages that made up the area through the 1800s are still present in the names of many of this city's neighbourhoods. If you're buying a home in Port Credit or visiting Clarksville than you can know that there is hundreds of years of history there.

This city started to expand quickly and become one of the country's most populous regions in the 1920s and 30s. People wanting an escape started buying cottages along Lake Ontario and the Malton Airport, which is now known as the Toronto Pearson International Airport, was constructed in 1937. Now you can find thousands of businesses located in the city, from a small law office to international headquarters.

But while this is one of the largest economical centres in the region, there are still many people who choose to live here and work in other surrounding cities. There are more than 700,000 residents of the city and 450,000 working in Mississauga. This means that while you might find opportunities working in downtown Toronto, there are also changes to build a business or find a rewarding career right here.

There are seven major highways that run through this city, ten universities within an hour drive, and a number of excellent health care options and entertainment choices. From finding office space in Mississauga for your small business to locating a neighborhood where you can really feel at home, the statistics add up to this area being perfect for many people. And with many of these numbers there is the hope of more growth and expansion within Mississauga. This is currently the sixth largest city centre in the country and growing.

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