When you're looking through online real estate listings, you're going to see a whole lot of phrases used to describe different types of homes to try to make them sound as desirable as possible. But, when you're reading about a house for sale and it says that it is a custom build, you might not know exactly what that means. There are lots of homes throughout the city that can be described in this way and there are many reasons why you might choose one of these properties over the others that are available.

A custom built home means that it was designed to the specifications of the owner who commissioned the home. This is the opposite of a stock build, where you get the design for your home from existing plans and there could be hundreds or even thousands of homes out there that are just like it. A custom home is unique to the first owner's needs and tastes and this means that it could have all kinds of extras or you could find something that you require that is not usually present in the homes on the market.

While there are lots of custom built homes with custom mosiac tilework, high end efficiency appliances, custom built-ins, or games rooms, some people prefer to get everything on their dream home wish list by purchasing land and having their own custom home built from the ground up. If you're thinking of doing this then you should consider who you're going to hire to design the property, who will build it, all of the costs that are associated with that, and the time that it will take. Some properties take two years to complete while others choose to move into their new real estate while it is still a construction site in order to save money. This can delay your home being done on time.

There are some developers that offer custom homes in new subdivisions. If you want to be able to choose between interlocking stones and brick for your driveway or you want to decide on your own countertop then you should explore this option. There is usually not as much freedom as when you're designing and building your own home but you will get to decide some things to suit your personal taste and needs. When you're looking over all of the different options for custom homes, you might find that this is the simplest and allows you to stay within a tighter budget. That can make all the difference in the world when you're buying a home.

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